Test Prep

It is time to take the stress out of preparing for a test. With the test prep team at A+ Tutoring Service, you or your child can ace the exam. We offer individualized, private instruction for students that need to prepare for upcoming tests, whether it is the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, PARCC or any other standardized test. Our tutors not only teach valuable test-taking strategies, but also help to ensure that curriculum is understood, which carries over to other studies.We want all of our test prep students to walk into their test with confidence.

SAT Test Prep
By the end of your child’s junior year of high school, their college admissions criteria should be set. Their GPA is one of the deciding factors as well as the extracurricular activities they participated in. The final step to prepare for college is taking the SAT. This is your child’s opportunity to strengthen their college applications and with the right preparation, they can get an ideal score on their SAT.

ACT Test Prep
Your child’s ACT test score can account for as much as a quarter of their college acceptance decision and a poor score can quickly overshadow a high GPA. The ACT test prep at A+ Tutoring Service is unique and relies on a combination of small-group instruction and private tutors. We use a cohesive approach that ensures your teen learns the strategies necessary to tackle each type of exam question on their ACT and we can even focus on skill areas where they need to improve.

Other Test Prep Services
There are a multitude of tests out there that can help you get into undergraduate and graduate programs. At A+ Tutoring Service, we also offer test prep for SAT II, GED, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, Armed Services Aptitude Test and others,

Our company is owned by a certified teacher that knows what it takes to successfully pass these academic tests. Our highly experienced, friendly tutors are here to help you or your student succeed; no matter where you are hoping to go.

To get started with your test prep tutoring plan, contact A+ Tutoring Service at 732-566-6086 or contact us online with your questions. We guarantee improvement!

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