About Us

It is our mission to work with parents to ensure that their child has a strong foundation in the subject they are struggling with the most. Whether your child needs extra help with reading, mathematics, English or science, we have a tutor here that can help them succeed.

Our tutoring service stands out among the competition because:

  • Our tutors are in-home tutors, which means you or your child learn from the comfort of home and no traveling is required.
  • All A+ tutors go through private background checks ensuring they have the credentials and security assurances required to educate our clients.
  • We offer 60, 90 and 120-minute tutoring sessions for all ages.
  • No registration fee is required to start with us and there are no contracts.
  • No money is paid up-front. We offer flexible payment options and all credit cards are accepted.
  • Students can be tutored in as many or as little sessions as required; we perform an in-depth assessment to see what your child needs.
  • We work directly with your child’s school district to ensure our tutoring methods are in line with what educators are providing them with at school.
  • We guarantee improvement.
  • Owned and operated by a New Jersey certified teacher
  • Tutoring students since 2002.

Unlike other tutoring programs, ours is specifically designed to enhance your child’s curiosity and make sure that learning is fun. Our tutors are the perfect fit for any child that needs a boost or has lost confidence in their learning abilities.

To get started with your customized tutoring plan, contact A+ Tutoring Service, LLC at 908-338-6086 or contact us online with your questions.

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