Reasons Why Summer Tutoring Is Important

Summer is time for fun, family, vacations, camp, relaxation, and TUTORING? With the end of the school year approaching quickly you are probably beginning to think about your family’s summer schedule. Many parents believe that summer is time for a mental break but it is during the summer vacation that many students fall behind because of lack of mental stimulation. Perhaps you are asking yourself if your child will benefit from tutoring during the summer months. Here are a few reasons how your child may benefit from summer tutoring:

  1. Prevents Learning Loss – Students may experience learning loss when not engaged in educational activities over the summer.  Private tutoring will allow your child to review anything that they found difficult throughout the school year.
  2. Prepares Students For ACT & SAT Testing – Test preparation can be overwhelming during the school year. The summer is the perfect time for your child to start preparing for the ACT or SATs.
  3. Provides A Routine – With so much free time during the summer months your child will easily fall out of a routine. Scheduled tutoring sessions, even if it is only one hour per week, will help provide structure and a routine.
  4. Previews Next Year’s Material – Summer tutoring will not only help your child maintain what was learned during the previous year it will also help prepare for the upcoming school year.  Why not get a head start!
  5. Builds Confidence – The summer is the perfect time for your child to work on anything that they found challenging or may of caused anxiety during the school year.

A+ Tutoring Service offers specifically designed programs to enhance your child’s curiosity and make sure that learning is fun. Our tutors are the perfect fit for any child that needs a boost or has lost confidence in their learning abilities.

To get started with your customized tutoring plan, contact A+ Tutoring Service, LLC at 732-566-6086 or contact us online with your questions.

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