Middle School

Middle school can be challenging for many children. Not only are the subjects becoming harder, but the requirements placed on middle school students are extensive. It is not uncommon for a child to struggle with specific subjects, courses, or homework.

Middle School Tutoring (Grades 6-8)
A+ Tutoring Service understands what middle school students need to succeed and we are here to help them prepare for their high school years.  We understand every student is different so we set long and short term goals that are specific to the student and not the grade.

Our middle school tutoring program offers your child assistance with:

  • Individual subject matter
  • Homework
  • Research papers
  • Mid-term and final exam prep

Our tutors come to your home and offer individualized tutoring that is in line with the district requirements. We also offer enrichment programs to prepare students for high school, PARCC and the PSAT exam.

Get started today and let our private tutors help your student succeed. Contact A+ Tutoring Service at 732-566-6086 or contact us online with your questions.

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