High School

In high school students begin to focus on higher-level math and English courses. From trigonometry to pre-calculus to in-depth language arts classes, these courses are designed to help prepare your child for their future career and college admissions examinations. Unfortunately, these courses are not always tailored to meet the needs of every student. If your student is struggling in their college or high school courses, the at-home tutors from A+ Tutoring Service can help.

High School Tutoring
Our high school tutors are here to help your child succeed with math, science, English and even their test prep. Instead of having your child drive from school to a private facility, we offer an at-home tutor that comes to your home, sits down with your child and gets to know their needs. Then, through one-on-one instruction, we help your child in their individualized subjects, including homework assignments.

What sets our high school tutoring programs apart from other tutoring services?

  • We work closely with your child’s high school to ensure we follow the same curriculum.
  • We create customized tutoring programs that give your child as much or as little help as they need to succeed.
  • We use only certified instructors per subject area for one-on-one instruction.
  • We are specialists, particularly when it comes to math, science and English.
  • We guarantee improvement.

Contact A+ Tutoring Service to learn more about our high school tutoring programs. Call us at 732-566-6086 or contact us online with your questions.

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